About Me

Hi! You have probably figured out by now that my name is Lily Morello.

I grew up in the Central Valley and originally moved to the Bay Area to attend the University of California, Berkeley. I now happily reside in San Francisco.

I created my Instagram account, @lilybubbletea, in the spring of 2018 when I was seeking a new place to develop creatively and deepen my experience with social media growth. I chose food as a theme because I really love food and already had a compulsion to take pictures of it. I am an equal opportunity eater and believe that food is the most accessible way for us to begin understanding other cultures.

Throughout my professional career, I have managed teams of writers and artists (both in person and remotely from opposite sides of the planet) to create digital content. Having worked on everything from e-learning programs to online/mobile games to celebrity blogs, I believe in getting to know an audience through data-driven feedback as well as market research and customer outreach in order to effectively create content that both captures attention and sustains engagement.

When I am not working or doing something related to food (e.g., cooking, photographing, eating—not always in that order), I am probably flying somewhere with good food, struggling to apply my eyeliner symmetrically, or cuddling with a dog.

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